together, We can accomplish
so much more. It's Time.

Divided, the Alberta Party and Alberta Liberal Party face a difficult election.

A year early, Alberta is heading toward a spring election.

The opposition parties are unprepared, leaderless or both. Progressives are simply hoping to hold on to what they have – to weather the PC storm – and they’re trying to weather it alone. But by working together, so much more could be accomplished.

The Liberals and the Alberta Party face a hard reality: their policies and values are almost identical. Their support is the strongest in the same areas. And as a result they spend far too much time competing with each other, acting as spoilers for each other across the province.

When neither party can win, it’s Albertans who lose. We’ve never needed a strong, progressive alternative to the PCs more than we do today.

Fortunately, that’s also never been more possible.

Now is the time.

As of the time of writing this, the parties have only nominated two candidates between them. Neither party has released their platform. Both Alberta Party leader Greg Clark and Liberal interim leader David Swann have expressed an openness in principle to working together.

But they need to hear from you.

They’ll be hearing from the naysayers. There can’t be any doubt. The loudest, most strident and most militant party members will make their opinions known. It’s on us to show Greg and David that the sensible center is out there, and we want action.

Sign the petition below to tell the leaders and boards of the Alberta Party and Alberta Liberal Party that you support commonsense politics. Tell them you want the Alberta Party and Alberta Liberal Party to commit to not running candidates against each other.

Tell them if they can’t do that, they should be true to their democratic values and let their local associations decide if they should cooperate on a case-by-case basis.

And tell them that after this election, you’d like them to sit down to talk about a more permanent union.

It’s not just about votes. It’s about the smart allocation of money, volunteers, and time. It’s about using these things to build up Alberta, not to tear each other down.

Divided, the Alberta Party and Alberta Liberal Party face a difficult election. United, we can make a stand for this province we love. We are stronger together.

We can unite.
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